Partner with for Disaster Recovery Events

Partner with for Disaster Recovery Events

Partner with for Disaster Recovery EventsRent Laptops, Inc is the premier provider of quality laptop rentals across the nation, which are shipped to our clients at the lowest rates in the industry. They can be used for business seminars, trade shows, summits, new product launches and more! But, a lesser known fact, is that our rental laptops are also excellent for disaster recovery events.

The United States was recently hit hard by Superstorm Sandy. This natural disaster resulted in numerous deaths and costly property damage. Fortunately, our rental laptops and various other A/V rentals were used to inform survivors in the areas where the storm hit, that there is hope and help in their current lot.

Our equipment has been used and will continue to be used for disaster relief benefits. From non-profit fundraisers to educational speaking seminars on the nature of hurricanes, tornadoes and the like, our laptops for rent can be used to educate and prepare thousands of people before the next storm hits.

Though our country has been hit with numerous natural disasters, it is amazing how resilient the human soul is. And with our assistance, we have helped outfit fundraisers of all shapes and sizes to help the families most negatively affected.

For more details about renting our laptops to outfit a non-profit disaster relief benefit, be sure to contact a member from our knowledgeable customer care staff at (888) 951-3344 for more details.

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