Tradeshows and Conventions

Tradeshows and Conventions

Why Tradeshows and Conventions When your company is making an appearance at a tradeshow or industry convention, it’s imperative that you bring your “A-game.” It’s necessary to create a display or exhibit that’s so elaborate and extraordinary, that the convention crowd wants to throng around your booth – and your booth only.

Whether you’re launching a seriously cool new marketing or promotional campaign, announcing a long-awaited new service, unveiling a new commercial, or simply making an appearance to show off your current suite of products and services, the technology you employ at these types of events can make all the difference. People’s attention can be hard to grab hold of sometimes, which is another reason why you need to ensure that your display is state-of-the-art.

When you rent a laptop in any city from, you get only the best quality. All of our notebooks and other laptop rentals are courtesy-imaged, sanitized, and thoroughly inspected before we send them off to you, free of charge, which is something other laptop rental companies do charge extra for. But don’t fret: we know how you can spend your spare time since you won’t be polishing or prepping rental laptops: you can be networking, making potential new partners, meeting probable investors or even meeting and greeting new customers in person, which goes a long way.

The Dell, Lenovo and IBM laptop rentals available from for conventions and tradeshows are available in large quantities of matching models. So if you’d like to set up a massive display to announce that cool new service, we can help you do it. We also program your rental laptops with company programs or special software before they‘re delivered to you. This makes them even more efficient and perhaps even more capable for you.

And since we send laptop rentals to arrive a day in advance of your request, you have plenty of time to set-up your rental technology. We also respect your business’ budget with the industry-best pricing guaranteed; any boss will like that!

If you’re not sure that renting laptop is for your business, consider this: it’s easier, faster and less expensive to rent computers for your tradeshow or meeting than it is to purchase all brand new equipment. Plus, it’s a virtual nightmare to set up equipment that you’ve bought. And, it’s more practical (in any city) to just order up a dependable, local laptop rental and get a great deal for less. In fact, meeting planners do it all the time! One of their secrets to pulling off successful meetings overnight is renting laptops for their companies’ tech needs – no matter what city they’re in.

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