“The service I received when I ordered ten laptop rentals for my traveling sales team was absolutely unparalleled. From the very beginning, where the lovely customer service assistant helped me to understand what equipment would be best for me, to the actual convention, where the laptops proved to be vital tech tools for all of us, to the very end where we simply shipped the laptops back using the pre-paid label; I must say that this is one rental service that I would recommend to other colleagues as well as use again myself. They even gave me the best prices in the industry on TEN laptop rentals! Thank you RentLaptops.com for being a pillar of what the tech industry should follow.”

-Jim Jones, CenturySales

“I cannot thank you enough for the computer rentals that you pre-programmed and sent to my company for our industry convention. We used then to poll the crowd, to hold voting booths and to unveil our latest marketing campaign, which when over like fireworks in the convention hall! Thank you RentLaptops.com for helping me with setting this up and for giving me a fantastic price, even though I had the PCs for two weeks. I would highly recommend your service to others in the industry!

-Vanessa O’Connor, Realflow Advertising

“Thank you a billion times over to RentLaptops.com for the quality, service, pricing and overall good mannerisms that you showed to me and my company while we had rented laptops from your firm. We has a sudden IT tech meltdown at work and RentLapops.com came through IMMEDIATELY with replacement PCs and laptops for our associates. It was unbelievable. They did not overcharge, they helped us with set-up and they even walked us through getting our programs to work on their machines. I would highly recommend RentLaptops.com and their amazing service to any company or professionals seeking rental laptop technology. Thank you again.

-Mary Masterson, Intercommunciations

“The service I received when I called RentLaptops.com at the last minute for a set of laptops for my Executive Board was absolutely unmatched. The customer service associate was extremely polite and explained everything about the rental agreement in terms I could understand. They even overnighted the laptop rentals to me after pre-loading our company software onto them. Plus, we received the best rates in the industry on all of them. This is one service I will definitely recommend to friends and fellow businesspersons.

-Thomas Dale, NewMedia Directions
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