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Whether you will need to rent 15 high-quality laptop rentals for an association meeting with the department heads of your company, or if you will request up to 150 Windows 7 laptops to rent for a large-scale industry trade show, you can rest assured that we can provide you with all that you need. At Rent Laptops, Inc you can be confident that whether you will need to outfit a new product rollout, a business exposition, company quarterly training session, research group or corporate retreat, we are the one stop shop nationwide where our clients can acquire all the laptop and A/V rental equipment that they need. 

We offer a wide selection of reputable brand names in rental laptop equipment, including Lenovo, Dell, and HP as well as high-end accessories to add to your rental order. With Windows 7, Windows XP and Linux operating systems available to our clients, they can enjoy the versatility that goes with renting from our company. We carry the latest technology has to offer in laptop rentals. And we ensure delivery of the premium laptops that are ideal for your presentation, conference, business travel or other out-of-town event in a timely manner and at the lowest rates in the industry.

The list of professional events that our cutting-edge rental laptops can take to the next level is virtually limitless. The easy setup, simple portability and excellent quality of our industry leading laptops and accessories are great for all types of educational conferences and other higher-learning purposes. We are the premier laptop rental company that has an extraordinary range of high-powered laptops, all newer to market equipment that can operates efficiently. Our laptop and audio visual rental gear can handle any size event, no matter how big or small it may seem. At, if you can dream it, we can make you make it happen. 

Some popular laptop rental accessories offered by Rent Laptops Corporation include but are not limited to:

  • Cables
  • Cords
  • Extra Mouse/Power Supply
  • Wireless Routers
  • Kensington Locks
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