1. What operating system does the laptop/computer come with?
Rent Laptops, Inc offers our clients their personal choice of Windows 7, Windows XP or Linux operating systems on our laptops/computers. Just mention to your customer service rep that is booking the order what you prefer and the techs will have it installed before shipping it to your location.

2. Do the laptop rentals come with wireless capability?
Yes. But you will have to call ahead and make sure that your destination is wireless-friendly, and has the compatibility that you will need to connect to the Internet. (Wi-Fi/3G/etc)

3. How quickly can I receive my rental laptop/computer equipment?
If necessary, and for an additional cost, it can be shipped to arrive the next day to you. The pricing depends on your location.

4. Do you offer technical support?
Our knowledgeable team of customer support managers are readily available to offer our clients the tech support they need. Questions or concerns regarding the laptop, projector, iPad and other audio visual rental equipment that customers have will be addressed in a timely manner by calling (866) 226-5957.

You may also refer to this section – the Frequently Asked Questions – or the Support Page to see if your question has already been answered elsewhere on our website.

5. What is the minimal amount of time allowed for a rental period?
Minimum-24 hours or 1 day
Maximum- 31 days, unless special arrangements have been made

6. Do you provide insurance coverage? (RENTAL POLICY)
No; you are responsible for the equipment while it’s in your care. You are liable for all damages. See our Terms and Conditions for additional information regarding our rental policy.

7. What is the process for placing a rental order/how can I receive a quote?
It is simple to obtain a rental quote – fill out the Quote Form on the right side of this page and you will receive an estimated price instantly. You can also call one of our customer care representatives at (866) 226-5957 and to speak with a manager about a rental quote.

8. How far in advance should I notify your company about placing a larger than average order for rental equipment?
Call our highly-trained team of customer service managers to rent laptops, projectors, iPads, accessories or other audio visual equipment anytime to request a rental. We request a minimum of a week’s notice for larger than average rentals (ten or more laptops or iPads) and shipments headed to Alaska or Hawaii.

9. Can Rent Laptops, Inc provide me with same-day rental service?
We do not offer same-day service at this time. We do offer overnight service depending on where you are located and what you are ordering.

10. How do you send my ordered rental equipment?
Your laptop, projector, iPad and other miscellaneous audio visual equipment rentals will arrive via FedEx, the most reliable shipping company in the country. They come in large boxes, supported and protected with custom packaging materials to prevent damage, with the return shipping labels included (pre-paid).

11. Why does Rent Laptops Corporation ship rental equipment so it arrives a day before your rental period begins? Am I charged for this even though I did not order it?
We deliver equipment a day in advance so that you have time to familiarize yourself with your rental laptops or other audio visual equipment before your actual event takes place. We do this as a courtesy – a favor – so that you can ensure your expertise with the equipment and avoid technical flubs the day of your event. You are not charged for this service.

12. How do I return my rental laptop or other audio visual equipment to Rent Laptops Corporation?
When your equipment arrives to you via FedEx, it will contain a pre-paid FedEx shipping label in the box. Simply re-package the rental equipment in the same box(es) it came in. Then stick the pre-paid label on it and drop it at a FedEx location to send back your equipment in an efficient manner.

13. How do I know what type of laptop, projector, iPad or other AV equipment rental(s) is best for my event/what I will be using it for?
On our inventory pages there are detailed product descriptions under all our rental laptops, projectors, iPads and other AV equipment. These give you technical specifications that will decide if it’s ideal for your upcoming event. If you have your doubts, please call our customer service staff to receive further details on what laptops, projectors, iPads, accessories or other AV equipment rentals are best for your event.

14. How can I modify/cancel a rental order? Does Rent Laptops Corp charge for cancellations?
Rent Laptops, Inc does charge for canceled orders within 24 hours of the tentative outward shipping date. To cancel or modify an order, simply call our customer support staff and mention that you need to modify and/or cancel your rental immediately.

15. Where can Rent Laptops Corporation deliver rentals to?
We deliver rental laptops, projectors, iPads, accessories, and other audio visual equipment all over the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. The delivery time is normally very reasonable and consistent. Call our customer service team to ensure a time-sensitive delivery can be made to your destination.

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