Rent Laptops, Inc offer our nationwide services with an intent on accuracy, so everything is designed to operate smoothly. From our clients’ rental process all the way down to our equipment’s efficient operation, we achieve success. Our turnkey solutions for trade shows, conventions, association meetings and other corporate events are designed to offer effective services the first time. Each order goes through rigorous pretesting before shipping out of our warehouse to ensure 100% accuracy that we meet your specific requirements. Also, we offer spare units for large-scale orders to ensure our clients won’t experience any delay due to unforeseen equipment malfunction. Our certified technicians work together with our customer support staff to ensure that every rental is trouble free.

Before you choose to rent your laptop or PC be sure that you know what you will be doing with your laptop(s) ahead of time. This will allow our tech support team to install the correct operating system, programs, amount of memory, as well as provide the correct amount of processing power and hard drive space when renting. We offer these pre-configuration options because we understand the diversity of our clients’ needs.

Technical support, more information regarding our equipment and our process can be obtained by contacting a customer care representative. Also, any inquiries on the Dell, Lenovo and HP laptop rentals you may have upon reception, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly customer support staff, which is the leading customer service team in the industry, at (866) 226-5957.

If you experience difficulties with:

  • Set-up
  • Programming
  • Establishing Internet Connection
  • Wi-Fi Network Compatibility
  • Powering up/Shutting down/Restarting
  • Blue screens/Viruses?Malware, Spyware, etc.

Or if any other technical issues are interfering with the completion of your work, delivering your PowerPoint presentation, lecture, project or other assignment, then please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website to see if your question is addressed there. If your question was not answered in the FAQ section, then do not hesitate to call our customer care team at (866) 226-5957.

Contacting a customer support team member for you questions on laptop, projector, iPad and audio visual rentals can make your plans simple, cost effective and hassle-free. Even if you rent a large quantity of equipment from us, your customer service assistant will coordinate all the technical details for you so you can concentrate on the execution of your equipment’s intended use – be it a business trip, trade show, or other corporate occasion.

Our customer support managers all have alter egos where their inner technician comes out if laptop equipment doesn’t work properly. Being a customer service rep for our company entails creating and maintaining a balance of interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with our clients, as well as learn about the technical side of our products. These service reps understand the frustration of troubleshooting before, during and after any computer or laptop rental. Efficient execution is key for a successful laptop rental experience!

All laptops and other audio visual equipment need to have regular maintenance to maximize productivity. Our service reps are excellent with the pre-configuration process. They then clean, pretest the equipment to make sure everything is running smooth. Then they package it up with the necessary cords, power supply and other accessories. Finally, it is shipped out to our clients. We perform these duties before every shipment goes out as well as all of the ones that are returned to us. This always us to maintain quality control, so the phone calls to our support team are cut in half.

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