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About Rent Laptops

Rent Laptops Corporation began with one man’s intention to help garner technology success for other companies. This entrepreneurial spirit foresaw a need to serve local businesses and professionals by providing them with the IT equipment necessary in order to achieve success. His gargantuan ambition, good intentions, and smart decision-making led to the immense growth of a successful incorporation – what is now known today as RentLaptops.com.

We are a nationwide, full-service, laptop, projector, iPad, and audio visual rental firm with over 20 years of experience in this high-tech niche market. Led by a visionary CEO, who prefers to remain anonymous, as he is as humble as he is intelligent, Rent Laptops Corporation is a premier online service supplier that considers itself competing on a higher level based on its customer service quality, superior equipment, convenient ordering/shipping options and its affordability. In addition, our associates always strive for an extraordinary level of professionalism and dedication to our clients.

Starting in the early 1990’s, we began to serve clients with simple requests for computer rentals. Some turned to us because their companies had overnight IT meltdowns; other corporations turned to us for rental laptops to furnish tradeshow booths or hotel convention centers. In the beginning, we were grateful to help in a last minute jam. Now we have become the go to audio visual company instead.

What began with two clients quickly turned to ten, and with word-of-mouth advertising (all we could afford at the time), that ten quickly turned into ten a day, and so on. Rent Laptops, Inc. believes it has seen progressive growth for this main reason: customer satisfaction. RentLaptops.com has a long history of retaining customers. We believe this is because we’re priced right, and because we employ an elite team of knowledgeable and friendly rental technicians that are committed to help throughout the duration of your rental period – for free. Our high-energy team is set apart from the competition because we focus our attention on providing the customer with what they need for the lowest rental rates in the industry.

The equipment, service, reliability and technical know-how you receive when you choose RentLaptops.com as your nationwide laptop rental provider is unparalleled. From elaborate business expo, trade show, and convention displays using our cutting-edge laptop rentalequipment, to conference room presentations utilizing our highly-effective projector rental technology to pique potential clients’ interest, we offer the service and provide the inventory that helps our customers accomplish their corporate goals.

We don’t strive to out-perform the competition, like other firms in the industry. Rather, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations with each and every rental, no matter the size.


We are committed to providing the highest level of product quality and superior customer service to each and every customer.


A journey growing the RentLaptops.com brand and becoming identified as an industry-wide leader of the best operating laptop rental company in the nation, while also producing a pool of “Top-Talent” that is recognized within the audio visual rental industry.

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