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Our nationwide computer rentals have several effective uses during the current wave of high-tech expansion. Whether you’re choosing a Dell, Lenovo, or HP computer rentals from our inventory, they’re all fully operational machines that can help assist in a variety of different corporate settings. Check out their unique uses below:

  • Computer rentals are great trade show, expo and convention tools. They can hook-up to a central network and can be used in large quantities to display colorful announcements to attendees, such as new product rollouts, commercials, or new services you will be adding to your business. The companies with the rental computer setups are the ones that draw the largest crowds at these large-scale business initiatives.
  • Our computers to rent can be a life-saver if your company has an overnight tech meltdown. If necessary, we can provide your company with up to 500 units for a quick fix to a large-scale problem. These occasions occur more often than not, which is why we pay extra attention to our own check-in maintenance policies in our warehouse.
  • Training classes are excellent with rental computers. You can request as many as you will need, based on your specific event. And then hold your company’s sales meetings, budget reviews, new hire orientations, boardroom meetings and more with the assistance of our quality products.
  • Other excellent uses for our computer rentals include voting booths and taking surveys; both of which are an excellent way to gather customer feedback, which can be considered for future services or methods your company may want to pursue in the future.

Deciding to rent computers from our nationwide organization is a smart choice because we offer our customers all the necessary programs, accessories and customer service assistance required to help your company execute a successful event. Each one of our units is courtesy-imaged, cleaned and thoroughly inspected before shipment; and we allow our clients to choose from Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux operating systems. You can also choose other specifications like processing speed and other custom programs that you may require that are not included on our basic setup.

Rent Laptops, Inc focuses all of its energy on putting our emphasis on the client. That is why we offer additional services like pre-installing company-specific software, or special programs to your equipment before it ships to you. Plus, we guarantee the industry’s best rates on all computer rentals, no matter how many, or for how long. We also pride ourselves on having an elite team of certified technicians, who are always available to help you out along the way. 

If you cannot decide what laptop or computer rentals are best to suit your specific needs, don’t fret!  Give us a call and we’ll help you figure out the technology that will best optimize the success of your event. And we will also keep your budget in mind, as we will work together to find a cost-effective solution.

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