Rental laptops for Classrooms and Education

Rental laptops for Classrooms and Education

Rental laptops for Classrooms and Education Laptop and computer rentals are the ideal tool if you’re setting up a classroom, whether it’s in an office building, for a seminar off-site somewhere, or even on a nearby University or educational campus.

Rent Laptops, Inc. the leading nationwide provider of rental PC and laptop technology, is quite experienced with helping people set up classroom style environments. Our rental computer technology is a perfect and complementary accessory to your lesson plan.

  • Rent computers for classrooms in large quantities of matching models: get as many Lenovo, Dell or HPs as you need
  • Match your screen size and processing speed so they all function in the same way
  • Get special programs pre-installed onto the computer or laptop rentals beforehand if you have a special need to use software during your lesson
  • We sanitize, courtesy-image and thoroughly inspect each and every laptop or PC rental that leaves our warehouse, a service other companies charge you for
  • It’s simple to set-up and take down the laptop rentals when you’re through with them
  • We offer the best in-house customer support team in ‘the biz;” we’re readily available to walk you through any mishaps, which are rare

Whether you have the latest multimedia computer or a classic MS-DOS or Apple II machine, a classroom computer can be a motivating and powerful tool. Here are some tips for setting up and using technology in your classroom.

First decide how you’re most likely to use your computer.

  • Presentation station: Teach a lesson, lead a discussion, or let your students take center stage for their class presentations or University Finals or Mid-Term projects.
  • Learning center: Let associates or employees work on company programs and projects individually or in groups.
  • Teacher or Executive workstation: Keep budget records, generate financial or service reports, create marketing activity reports, employee assessments, newsletters, and much more.
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